Expanding Sponsorship

Companies that have successfully engaged with MIT through an industry sponsored research agreement (ISRA) may want to expand their sponsorship among multiple projects and to multiple PIs across the Institute. In such cases, a master research agreement (MRA) can be an efficient and effective form of engagement. 


  1. Streamlined Funding

    MRAs generally simplify the funding process by allowing the same contractual terms to be applied across multiple research projects. This streamlined approach is faster and more efficient compared to managing numerous independent ISRAs.

  2. Managed Project Selection

    MRAs can also include a process for soliciting or issuing a call for project proposals, which are then reviewed and selected by a joint steering committee that is comprised of both sponsor and MIT representatives. MRAs often require relationship and project management, which can be provided solely or partially by OSATT Core’s Alliance Management team. Alliance Managers can aid in the RFP process, assist the joint steering committee in its activities, and serve as a liaison to the sponsor while projects are being performed to ensure that each party’s goals and expectations are in sync.


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