Our Mission

We serve as a primary point of contact, both internally and externally, for engagement with industry and other non-federal sponsors. We are dedicated to developing and successfully launching research collaborations that have the greatest impact. This impact is achieved through various pathways, including publication, open access, and commercialization, all aimed at advancing knowledge and technology for the betterment of society.

Our Teams

OSATT Core is composed of three essential teams:

  • Catalysts: Ignite ideas and collaborations, bridging the gap between concept and action.
  • Strategic Transactions: Navigate and negotiate the complexities of agreements, ensuring that the path from idea to execution is smooth and productive.
  • Hermes Team: draft, review, negotiate and execute research-related agreements, primarily for the exchange of confidential information, data and materials. 
  • Alliance Management: Sustain successful partnerships by expertly maintaining and optimizing collaborations.

Our Role

Internally, we work between MIT departments, DLCI administration, Research Administration Services (RAS), the Office of the General Counsel (OGC), the Technology Licensing Office (TLO) and various operational offices. We coordinate and provide resources to ensure that the industry-related innovation process at MIT is well supported.

Externally, we are a primary contact for non-federal sponsors looking to develop engagements with MIT. We welcome sponsors and partners who share our commitment to advancing knowledge, technology, and a brighter future.

Contact OSATT Core

We support complex, unique projects across MIT and we are eager to learn about yours. Reach out to OSATT Core to go further with your research.
Two OSATT Team members